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Hello and welcome to Metro Puerto Rico Real Estate Co., Puerto Rico’s premiere real estate agency. Puerto Rico is an island paradise like no other. With the exotic charms of island living and modern amenities, Puerto Rico attracts visitors from all over the world. The sandy beaches, quaint city streets and historic architecture offer beauty and fun for those looking to kick back and enjoy the simple island life.

Puerto Rico Real Estate

Real estate has never been better in Puerto Rico. From condos to family homes and beach front property and land, Puerto Rican real estate opportunities are around every corner. Whether you are a seasoned homebuyer or buying for the first time, local agent Evaristo Gonzalez-Aponte can help you every step of the way. A full list of real estate is available. Metro Puerto Rico Real Estate Co. can help you discover the perfect place to call home in Puerto Rico. Call today at (787) 314-1115 or email to speak with agent Evaristo Gonzalez-Aponte.

Thinking of selling your home or property in Puerto Rico? Metro Puerto Rico Real Estate Co. is prepared to help you make the most of your property. Get started with the Home Evaluation tool today.

Rich in Culture

Just a couple of hours south of Florida, Puerto Rico is an American territory rich with its own history and culture. With European, Latin, Caribbean and African influences, Puerto Rico combines so many tastes, flavors and ideas to create its own special and unique ambience. Residents and vacationers enjoy a wide range of restaurants and shops, offering something to satisfy every taste.

The colorful architecture also adds to the rich culture. Cobblestone streets are lined with brightly colored homes, shops and buildings. Coupled with historic buildings, churches and monuments, Puerto Rico offers memorable experience for everyone

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Business Opportunities

Many businesses and companies are expanding their presence in Puerto Rico. Why? New tax laws create appealing and positive opportunities for businesses located in Puerto Rico. This means real estate is even more popular as more and more people see the potential the luxurious island offers. Learn more about new tax laws by visiting