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Puerto Rico: Easy Island Living

Located in the warm Caribbean waters, Puerto Rico is a collection of one large, main island with several smaller surrounding islands. An American territory, Puerto Rico combines rich cultural heritage with modern amenities. This combination makes island living a breeze. Email Evaristo Gonzalez-Aponte today to find out more about real estate opportunities in Puerto Rico.

Beautiful Beaches

With warm and enjoyable temperatures, Puerto Rico’s beaches are the main attraction. Whether you are looking for a family-friendly beach or a quiet place to sit back and enjoy the views, you will find exactly what you are looking for. White sandy beaches and crystal blue waters complement the picturesque views. The beaches offer a full range of water sports as well. Surfing, fishing, boating, paddle boarding, snorkeling, wind surfing, swimming and scuba diving all offer the water enthusiast or beach admirer the perfect escape. Use the Ocean View Listings link to see all the majestic homes available near the beach!

Rich Cultural Charm

The historic mood found throughout Puerto Rico creates a feeling of living in an earlier time. The cobblestone streets weave in and around the island, taking guests on a trip through time. The ornate architecture embodies a warm sentiment felt by guests and residents. Pastel-colored properties are also another important part of the rich culture. Buildings and homes appear in an array of colors. These colors make Puerto Rican architecture memorable and beautiful.

Modern Amenities

Whether you call Puerto Rico home today or want to call it home very soon, you will find everything you need to live comfortably. Puerto Rico is home to both large retailers and small, charming independent shops–luxuries for all your home's needs. The island also offers a range of restaurants from fine dining to quaint beachside cafes. Ready to find your perfect Puerto Rican home? Find out how much home you can afford with the Calculator tool. Or call Metro Puerto Rico Real Estate Co at 787-314-1115 to talk to Evaristo Gonzalez-Aponte to talk about buying a home in Puerto Rico.

Business Opportunities

Need another reason to love Puerto Rico? Businesses and companies are growing in Puerto Rico as tax incentives create positive opportunities. Tax laws such as Act 20, Act 23 and Act 273 give companies located in Puerto Rico special incentives. For more information check out